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Olga Wojewoda

A landscape architect - in 2012 she graduated from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences).

Right after she finished her studies she began cooperating with the URBANDESIGN.PL design group, in which, to this day, she explores the arcana of designing architectural objects around housing complexes and residential gardens. In 2013 she also set up as a sole trader under the name AKOW.

She belongs to the "Habazie" Warsaw Academic Kayaking Club and spends every free moment in a kayak, traversing beautiful lowland trails and the foamy waters of mountain rivers, both in Poland and abroad.

Much like the other members of the team she believes the bicycle to be the perfect means of transportation. Regardless of the time of the year she rides it to work because, unlike her coworkers, she sees nothing unusual in doing so.