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Patrycja Janus

A landscape architect - in 2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences).

She started on her professional path in 2007, in the Department of Landscape Architecture design studio, where she had the opportunity to familiarize herself with working on large-area projects. Afterwards she got involved with the RS Architektura Krajobrazu design studio, and currently she is an independent designer, taking on various professional challenges. She began ger cooperation with URBANDESIGN.PL in 2014.

Privately, she's a big fan of board games, in which she beats even the most cunning players. She spontaneously buys plane tickets to places she's never been to, and thus learns more about the world around her. For now, unlike the rest of the team, she hasn't yet succumbed to the bike fever - meaning in her case, the best is yet to come.